I have been fielding questions and arguments about what started out as whether or not the IRS should be abolished, but then moved quickly into why the impoverished do not pay their fair share of taxes. This is a slight editing of my answer.

Here is what we currently have

1. The poverty class, who are locked into a system that keeps them there, with the minimum wage jobs that are the only thing they can get not providing enough to survive, but enough to disqualify them from the government assistance that keeps their kids fed and housed. Other than a rare and unexpected opportunity, they are locked into government assistance without hope of betterment.

2. The working class (probably where you would be located), who work for hourly wages and salaries and are the producers, laborers, technicians and organizers that do whatever the business they are attached to does, including middle and often much of upper management. Also in this general class would be owners of small business. Those who do not make more than hundreds of thousands of dollars a year fall into this category.

3. I see an over class that profits from the various labors of the working class. These are the CEOs and investors.

Those in group 3 pay a much lower percentage than those in group two, because of the efforts of lobbyists paid for by members of group 3 to provide them with loopholes and tax breaks not really available to the majority of those in groups 1 and 2. This means that while group 3 may pay a bigger percentage of the overall government income, they are cheating to do so, and causing those in group 2 to pay more than they would otherwise. Group 3 is profiting at the expense of group 2.

Many, not all, but many, members of group 3 also pay lobbyists to pay legislators to keep minimum wage down so they can make more profit, causing a larger and larger population of group 1, and causing members of group 1 to have a harder and harder time becoming productive members of society. There are other laws that are lobbied for that keep group 1 down, but the general reason for these laws is to boost the income of group 3 at the cost of group 1.

Many middle income conservatives who look down on those who are poverty stricken may very well have earned each and every cent that they have, and they have a right to be upset about their unbalanced taxation rates. WHY do they not see WHERE it is unbalanced?

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Prayer in School

YES!!!! School prayer. The Christians can have Mondays (The Catholics, Greek Orthodox and Protestants will have to alternate weeks), the Jewish traditions get to alternate Tuesdays, Pagan religions like Wicca, Astrau and others can alternate Wednesdays with their prayer rites, The various Muslim sects can alternate Thursdays, and the Atheists can have 5 minutes of scientific reading every other Friday. The other Fridays can be for any Hindu or other religions to alternate.

The reality is that all students and faculty can already pray whenever they feel the need to close their eyes and silently lift their thoughts to their God. The “prayer in school” issue is really not about prayer in school, it is about one religion forcing its religious practices on another. If you want prayer to be mandated, realize that that means that Christians will be forcing their faith on atheists and Pagans, which goes against the First Amendment. To understand this better, just imagine your children being forced to participate in a pagan prayer ritual, because that would be exactly what “prayer in school” was to them.

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Pro-Life vs. the Christian Bible

Just a thought: Most of the people who are part of the Pro-Life movement believe in the inherent truth of the Christian Bible as it is written. Followers of the Christian Bible as it is written could never be part of the Pro-Life movement for a few reasons.

Thumbnail for version as of 17:09, 2 January 2005

Most argue that life starts at conception. The Bible makes reference to when life has value in four areas: First, in Genesis, life began with the “breath” breathed into Adam, not his formation; second in Leviticus 27, when being dedicated to the Lord, only babies who were over a month old were given a “value”; third, in Exodus 21:22-23, the damage a man is paid if his wife is hurt does not include the unborn child; and in Numbers 3:15-16, the Lord God had Moses perform a census that only counted those who were a month old or older. When the research is done, it becomes clear that according to the Bible, life begins with breath, and has value only after the first month. To follow the teachings of the Bible these people could not use the “conception” argument.


In Numbers 5:21-28, the Christian Bible not only orders abortions to be given for social stigma reasons (the possibility of female unfaithfulness), but has them administered by His priests. This means that according to the Bible, any pregnancy that is not the product of the man married to that woman is allowed by God to be aborted.

How dare they challenge their own God?

Picture taken by Mark Pellegrini on August 12, 2002, and released under the GFDL

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Obama’s Middle Class?

It wasn’t the middle class that elected Obama. It was the poverty stricken people who were wanting to get a hand up so they could get to where they could care for themselves. It was the college students who ended up unable to find jobs in their field, and had to go on welfare programs and work part time minimum wage jobs, while their student loans ruined their credit to the point that getting a “respectable job” in their field became a visibly retreating possibility. It was the women who needed publicly funded health care to make sure they could keep that part time job that made it possible to put clothes on her kids. It was minorities, especially those also affected by poverty conditions, watching this new tide of prejudice and hate rolling in from Conservative sources.

Yes, the middle class matters, and I am all for making their lives more financially stable. What President Obama needs to be concentrating on, however, is making sure the poverty stricken do not end up in the Dickens novel life that all the Republican candidates were suggesting putting them back in. He needs to be making sure the American dream extends to all Americans, and right now, the poverty stricken just can’t participate.

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Wake Up Call

Too many people in the USA are growing up being taught to “accept what you are told.” Instead, they should be thinking and examining for themselves. Parents, pastors and political party leaders are all supposed to be infallible and we are taught to accept what they say as absolute truth and not to question or disagree, even with facts. Especially with facts! And this has turned us into “sheeple.” We have become cheap, easily manipulated tools of the powerful instead of innovative people as we once were.


Like the proverbial frog in the stewpot, we have been manipulated slowly so that we wouldn’t notice. In politics, we care more about sex scandals, magic underwear, and other trivial things, allowing them to overshadow the actual effects that unethical politicians have on this country. Even religion in this country has changed from focusing on the positive aspects of faith to the negative ones. Instead of focusing on a personal relationship with their deity of choice, Americans are more likely to attempt to control the rights and choices of others, even if they have a different set of beliefs. This has occurred over and over in history when powerful people seek to use religion as a control mechanism over the masses: the sheeple.

It is obvious to the non-sheeple that the elite in the USA are trying to regain the control they lost when technology and communication advanced and became available to so many more people. With technology and communication, the masses were able to see the true inequality that existed in this country, the removal of supposedly unalienable rights, and they started pushing back, taking back control like we did from the British Empire. And the elite cannot let that continue. That is why there have been such slow but drastic changes in both politics and religion. Men who advised President Ronald Reagan and Reagan himself are considered “liberal” by today’s standards. Liberal political commentators such as Bill Maher have said that the Democrat Party has moved to the center and the Republican Party has moved to the “looney bin.” The move is so great that even President Obama, the big bad, most radically liberal president we’ve supposedly ever had is attempting to enact policies that are similar to President Reagan’s policies near the end of his administration.People, we need to wake up.

We need to stand up. Already, the elite, through our news media picks what we see. They didn’t show the Canadian protests over college tuition until well after it was old internet news. There are many other examples. The media networks and government already control much of the information, and are trying to gain control of the rest. We can still stand up for our freedoms, stand up as people who have inherent rights, and work for improving this country for all of us. This country can not belong to an elite few…it must belong to the informed many!

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A post from a rather insightful woman.

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Oregon State Song

My son brought home a copy of Oregon’s state song. I am not 100% sure I am interpreting it correctly, so let me get some feedback here. To me, it sounds like the song is glorifying the killing off of the native people… I am a bit dismayed at this. Here are the lyrics:

Oregon, My Oregon


Land of the Empire Builders,

Land of the Golden West;

Conquered and held by free men,

Fairest and the best.


Onward and upward ever,

Forward on, and on;

Hail to thee, Land of Heroes,

My Oregon.


Land of the rose and sunshine,

Land of the summer’s breeze;

Laden with health and vigor,

Fresh from the Western seas.


Blest by the blood of martyrs,

Land of the setting sun.;

Hail to thee, Land of Promise,

My Oregon.

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Roman Catholic Church VS. Obama’s Contraception Mandates

WHY does the Roman Catholic Church attempt to take away an individual’s freedom of religion, by claiming that it is THEIR religious freedom that is being taken away? Regardless of name, these “Catholic” hospitals are run for profit, not charity. If they gave their services to the poor, instead of expecting the government or the patients to pay for them, then, and only then would they have any right to hide behind freedom of religion.

Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said

“To force American citizens to choose between violating their consciences and forgoing their healthcare is literally unconscionable. It is as much an attack on access to health care as on religious freedom. Historically this represents a challenge and a compromise of our religious liberty.”

(source = this linked article from the US Conference of Catholic bishops own website)

There are a few problems with this statement. First, no American citizen is being forced to choose between those things. Contraception is not being forced on anyone. The OPTION of contraception is being made available to those who need it. Since these “religiously-run medical facilities” are what the public must use in many areas (I just had my knee operated on in a “Catholic” hospital, paid for by a government program), all this does is make medical care appropriate to those of all faiths available to them. That one year extension is a polite concession so that those BUSINESSES that operate FOR PROFIT, that make money off the GOVERNMENT, can quit hiding behind RELIGION, and stop denying the fundamental rights of those who have no choice but to use them.

If these “Catholic hospitals” wish to operate without following government mandates, then they need to start following the teachings of Christ, and minister unto the poor, by giving of their own riches. As it is, these hospitals are businesses who rely on government payments to continue operating. As such, they must concede to the first amendment rights of all who utilize them, even those whose beliefs require a responsible approach to procreation.

Once again I find myself amazed at how far modern religion has been twisted by politics and power-grubbing.

Jesus on the Personhood Movement

Personhood activists, this blurb’s for you!

Read all of my words, and then read the words of Jesus in the Bible, so you can know that I speak the Truth, in understanding Scripture. Jesus has a plan for His followers to help in bringing people to God. Jesus teaches his followers to act in meekness, humility, love, respect, kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness. Jesus teaches that that is the way to treat people who do not follow your morals. Jesus said noone comes to the Father except by him.  The only way to lead people to God is to follow his example. I am typing these words, but they are the lessons of Jesus. Heed them. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for their judgmentalism and for their use of Law to force others to conform to their moral codes.

Before you let your anger direct you away from this, recognize that these are the ideals of Jesus, and then consider both where your anger comes from, and what Jesus had to say about acting in anger. The acts of the Personhood movement violate each and every one of these directives, given by Jesus. The acts of the Personhood movement do exactly those things Jesus that Jesus rebuked his challengers and followers for doing and thinking.

If you wish to help people find God, or even if you just want to claim to follow Christ, then you need to repent your indiscretions, and start reaching out and ministering to the needs of the sinners, until they come to you to ask “why”. Only then can you lead them to God. What you are doing now pushes people away from you, and destroys your witness. You push people away from God. Reread your Bible, without the anger that has directed both you and your teachers away from the words. You will discover that Jesus spoke out against things like the Personhood movement when he rebuked the Pharasees for their involving themselves in the lives of others. Jesus would not approve of the anger and hate that fuels this movement. He would not approve of taking away the rights of others. He may not have approved of concept of abortion, but he did speak directly against your response to it.


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Authoritarian Followers

Authoritarian Follower: An individual who, for whatever reason, accepts what an accepted authority tells them, regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

Compartmentalization: term describing the ability of authoritarian followers to keep separate the ideas, given by their authorities, that prove each other wrong.

There are different causes for this inability to comprehend reality. One of the more common involves severe punishment of very young children for asking questions or not accepting the statements of their parents. When a child feels like it is in danger, due to anything ranging from frightening yells and screams to extreme “spanking”, because it challenged the words of their parents, they develop a survival mechanism called compartmentalization. This allows them to not have to ask questions, and risk the hurt or fear of hurt they were (usually repeatedly) subjected to. These children become Authoritarian Followers, following the authority of their parents, regardless of their parents accuracy. As the children get older, the mantle of authority gets passed on to the religious and political leaders the parents themselves follow. The fear of questioning is a directly attached to their sense of survival, so anyone trying to reason with them causes a fear reaction, usually masked as anger.

This pattern is often found in members of the fundamentalist churches who teach “spare the rod, and spoil the child”. Political power mongers, realizing the power in numbers, have played on these peoples inability to question discrepancies and turned them into the “religious right”. Their political views are about as full of misunderstanding and deceit as a religion in which Jesus teaches kindness and compassion, but who’s followers practice abuse of their children and hatred for those Jesus said to love.

This is how the Tea Party was formed: by playing on that fear of questioning authority, regardless of how ridiculous the claims may be. I have to remember that their anger is really fear, so I can pity them, instead of hating them.

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