Taking away the rights of others is NOT freedom. It is bullying.

It is happening again.  It happened in my own city. I am once again ashamed to be an American.  Nazi mentality and Nazi tactics are being used on US citizens by other US citizens.  In the name of freedom, these Nazi act-alikes took away the rights of free assembly from other US citizens.  Look at the events that led to the rise of the Nazi movement.  Hitler Youth were charged with acting EXACTLY like this.  When this was allowed to happen, they took it to the next level – violence.  The stated goal of these people is American freedom.  The actions and votes of these people take away freedom.  It is completely unAmerican for them to take away freedom from others, just because they have a different opinion.

They claim freedom.  What they want is for everyone to believe and do just like they do.  That is the teaching of the Nazi party.  Since when do we let Nazis run the government?  It is not freedom to force non-aggressive people out of a park.  It is taking away their freedom.   It is bullying.  It is wrong on many levels.

As you watch this, remember to look for who is being aggressive, and who is getting their rights of peaceful assembly taken away.

(found by my wife at http://givesgoodemail.com/2011/07/26/the-march-of-the-brownshirts-or-the-american-way/)

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