New Hero (and source) found!

I like to get an overall picture of things before just spouting off due to one article or video. To do this, I often backtrack from one article to its source article, then to that one’s source arti…. you get the idea. I like hearing what they heard, reading what they read – it allows me to better understand both what was presented, as well as get an idea of the presenter. Sometimes, this process leads to discovery!

I started out reading an article (probably will post on this next) about how a GOP leader blamed Obama for Republicans losing ground in a popularity poll. Due to the obvious political leaning of the original source, I started backtracking, opened up a few dozen tabs (oh, my poor aching CPU), and ended up sidetracked into finding an article on Mikhail Sergeev, my new hero (and finding a new opinion source)!

Quickly summed up, the article is an interview with Mr. Sergeev, about his world view and published book. It shows him to believe in the power of laughter, and the exalted place that humor should hold, even within the bounds of religion. It showed great insight into the human condition… I am his newest fan!

And who could help but love a news/opinion source whose self given tagline is “THE BEST JUNK MAIL YOU’LL GET”?

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