According to Reince, Obama can make people hate Republicans

No joke! GNC Chairman Reince directly said that it is Obama’s fault that the Republican approval ratings nosedived this month. Once again, “cause and effect” have no meaning in politics. I grew up in the “conservative” mindset of making fact fit conclusion… and this proves it. It couldn’t be the actions of the Republican party that lowered public opinion. It had to be this outside evil that has the ability to raise the dead and cure lepro… oops, he was the good guy with super powers… Evil Obama haz the superpowerz and mind controlled everybody into hating on them. To be fair, that was sarcasm. The reality (check below) is that he said that Obama made the public dislike the Republican party by not going along with the Republican parties demands… Ummm…. yea, right. If that were the case, public opinion would dislike Obama more, not them.


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  1. That’s a riot because Obama is hardly a liberal! Please! It amazes me how these folks get elected!

    • Welcome to my blog! Unfortunately, I know the answer. I grew up in a part of society that was politically conservative. We were taught to hold up an ideal, and then judge the validity of facts according to how they fit the ideal, The idea of changing the ideal didn’t occur. It didn’t matter how concrete the fact was, it was just a cleverly disguised trick set up to make us lose our way.

      Using facts to build conclusions is a concept as out of place as fish breathing air. There are the occasional lungfish that can manage for short periods of time, but overall, fact must be discarded for ideal.

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