Dictating Legislation Through Religion

We live in a country that was founded by men who thought individuals should be free to practice their own religion, without governmental interference. We have a constitutional amendment added specifically to protect this right. Yet, the Republican Party wants to circumvent that. The Tea Party Movement specifically, wants to impose their own personal religious beliefs on everyone in this country. I respect their individual beliefs, and I believe they should be allowed to have them without governmental interference. They are well within their rights to make their day-to-day life decisions within the structure of their faith and their personal and political values. But they do not have the right to make MY decisions on that basis. This is where their movement becomes problematic. They want to decide moral issues for EVERY American, regardless of any differences in religion. If person A’s religion teaches X, and person B’s religion teaches Y, then there should be NO LAW backing one over the other. It does not matter if 80% of the USA professes to follow the beliefs of X and only 5% profess to follow those of Y (15% don’t care either way.) It is a constitutional right that those 5% be free to practice their religious beliefs. THAT is how the other 80% retain their rights to practice their own.

I have recognized that there are major differences between my personal and political beliefs. For instance, I absolutely despise the idea of abortions. They shouldn’t happen. My stomach cringes, and I become angry when I think about the waste of a precious child. That is my personal feelings based on my own core beliefs. I am an individual. My right to think and feel this way is protected by the Constitution of the United States Of America. But I am only entitled to that right because it is EVERY AMERICAN’S right. To protect it, I have to uphold the rights of others to think and feel however they do. Even though I hate abortion, my political stance is pro-choice. This is because I recognize the fact that I am protecting myself from governmental censure by upholding others’ right to think, feel and practice differently than me.

We need to remember this, and to not allow politicians to attempt to enact laws based on their religious beliefs and at the cost of the religious freedom of others. There is a reason that “freedom of religion” was important enough to include in the FIRST amendment.

How can we claim to protect American freedom if the leaders of one of our major political parties attempt to take religious freedoms away from US citizens and consider it their Christian, God-given right to do so? Below is a video, and below that, a set of time stamped quotes from RNC chairman Reince that show the drive behind Reince’s politics is purposefully religious. His desire, and the desire of other religiously driven politicians, to mold the country away from a democracy, and into a theocracy, takes away the rights of other religions and is in direct opposition to our Constitution. Those who challenge our Constitution on such a regular basis should not be allowed political power.

00:23 Reince: “I believe that we all have to live mission driven lives”

00:30 Reince: “I think we ought to live every day pleasing God”

01:30 Reince: “I think my Christian faith is the foundation of my view (specifically abortion)”

03:07 Reince: “that , as a person of faith, that I have an obligation, just on that basis”

03:44 Reince: “I think I would be a huge disappointment to God if I didn’t [support pro-life movement]”

06:45 Reince: “I believe that marriage is a gift from God, and that the sanctity of marriage should be protected”

06:55 Reince: “but also protected by the sanctity of marriage given to us by God”

08:46 Reince: “because that’s what God intended [anti-gay marriage because children need mother and father]”

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