A Daddy’s Nightmare Come To Life

I am a father. More importantly, I am a daddy. Today, my beautiful, blue and green plumed ‘tween daughter registered for a new school. It was exciting! It was new! There were ‘tweenagers EVERYWHERE! Remember, as an adult in my early 40’s, I was once a ‘tween myself. I remember those days. I remember. As such, I am now officially terrified. Why, you ask? Because I remember how it was. And, I was reminded.


We (Daughter, son, Mama, and I) were walking down a hallway, looking for a classroom. A gaggle of ‘tween boys headed my direction. The tallest, a gangly giraffe looking creature wearing an Avenged Sevenfold tee shirt, served as a reminder of what was, and what, obviously, is about to come. Seeing these creatures approaching, I slowed my pace (my son catching the cue), and the girls got a bit ahead. The boys, specifically Mr. Giraffe couldn’t resist the over the shoulder, half turned glance as my daughter walked by. He turned to keep walking, and happened to make eye contact with me. I smiled at him. That smile that shows the upper row of teeth, and the cold, unemotional eyes. The effect was a shutter resembling what I imagine one being tortured with electricity would manage.


Once we were home, my wife and I compared notes. Evidently, they quit talking as they passed, and Mr. Giraffe lost his train of thought. Knowing ‘tween boys as I do, and seeing where his eyes rested, I amend that. That train was solidly attached to my daughters caboose. He started saying “uh, yeah… um… yeah” as he walked past and continued on. Knowing ‘tween boys from experience, he remembered me until he managed to turn the corner behind us. I am sure he remembered my little peacock hen much longer.


The truly sad part of this story is that my wife felt the need to point all this out to our daughter, who said, and I quote “Him? Yea, I remember him! He was kinda cute.”

sittin in the corner, sharpening my fire axeNever mind me people… I’ll just be in the corner over here, sharpening my fire axe….

sharp or bluntThen there is the real question: Sharp or Blunt?

Forget that question, with a little backup, we can have both!


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  1. I love it! Good Luck, Tony!

  2. Mr. Daddy Bear, You are doing your job and am sure baby Bear isnt to thrilled with it, as should be. Keep that axe sharp and always visible, it has only just started. I know I was one a few years ago..a ‘tween girl that is, and believe me, not one that my father bear liked, but I did everything I could to do just to prove who I was and everything he didnt approve of. It was great fun most of the time.

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