How To Make A Conservative

I have heard many people wonder how far right conservatives can believe the things that they say. It is conditioning that starts when they are very young. Not all of the far right grew up exactly like described in the video below, but it explains how they can believe the lies, half-truths and mismatched facts that they keep regurgitating. I grew up similar to the lady in the clip. When people hear me (and, I am sure her) describe what life was like, they usually don’t believe it could happen. It is actually worse. The point here is that kids that are exposed to that kind of training learn quickly to not question authority. They also grow up thinking that now that they are adults, they are allowed to force their will on others, like they had done to them. Not all conservatives went through as bad as the video describes… But try to imagine someone growing up like that, with the willpower to have the audacity to actually think something through. Only a few of us manage to have independent thought. The rest join the Tea Party.

(Embedding disabled on YouTube’s end – follow link above to watch clip)

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  1. My Dearest Soulmate,

    I hope, somehow, that your father stumbles across your blog one day. I hope he reads the things you’ve written about growing up under his tyranny and sadism and sees how amazing of a man you are IN SPITE OF HIM. I hope he aches for never having been half the father you are to our children. I hope he worries about facing his god and being judged for his sins. I hope he knows that he turned EVERY SINGLE ONE OF his children AGAINST Christianity with his methods. I also hope that I meet the man in person one day. I’d like to give him a piece of my mind AND my foot for all that he did to you and your siblings. I’m not normally a violent person, but for that bastard, I’d make an exception.

    Your wife

  2. There is so much truth in what you write. The training doesn’t have to include physical violence, though. When one grow up with such inculcation and that inculcation is reinforced by the church one must attend as a child, how can one think outside of that box. “Mom and dad said it and God said they are right, so, that’s the way it really is.”

    I think it is telling that hordes of conservatives move into progressive Christianity/political views, but few progressives become conservatives.

  3. I am so sad for all that you suffered. I would not excuse what your father did to you. I would only invite you to consider that he might have done the best that he could, or knew how to do considering his circumstances and past that you may know all of or not.

    Spankings are abuse. We know that now. Whether it is from those, like you, who have had the courage to speak up, or from others who have publicized abuse. Fortunately for those in your future that abuse has stopped with you.

    I subscribed to your blog after having read about your experiences growing up with your church. It gave me insight into understanding why the conservatives today behave the way that they do.

    God Bless,

    Jack’s daughter

    • I apologize for the extreme lateness of reply (maybe this is a record?) When he “spanked” my sister, I could see the adrenaline rush on his face and the effect it had on his pants. He wasn’t doing the best he could. He was reveling in the hurt he was causing.

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