RaisingRed.com asks Obama some questions

There is a website called RaisingRed.com. Their Facebook page has the video embedded below, and there are a few statements that need to be addressed.

Since he has been here, he has played golf 17 times (0:37)

he attended 33 fundraisers (0:42)

He spent only about 3 hours total on the debt crisis (0:45)

Where are the jobs? (0:48)

Since he has been here, he has played golf 17 times (0:37)

he attended 33 fundraisers (0:42)

Seriously people? There are a few things big business and politics have in common. Part of getting the job done is spending time with other decision makers. Often, this time is better spent a hundred feet or so from other ears (like on a golf course). Sometimes, you have to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk, so you “run into them” somewhere (like at a fundraiser). Republican candidates have played golf and attended fundraisers and benefits during times of stress. Videos weren’t made to call them slackers. Hypocrites!

He spent only about 3 hours total on the debt crisis (0:45)

Yes. You have a direct line to his schedule, you know the contents of every phone call, you eavesdropped on his conversations on the golf course, and you followed him around at each and every fundraiser he attended. You documented each and every place he sent one of his aids, AND you bugged his toilet, just so you could say with authority how much time he spent on the debt crisis. That MAY be the amount of time he spent in front of news cameras being interviewed about it, but I suspect if someone were to bother doing the legwork, even THAT would add up to more than 3 hours.

Where are the jobs? (0:48)

In mid 2010, I went to a county run unemployment designed for people who needed retraining because there just weren’t jobs in their areas of expertise. Part of what they did was show us the raw numbers for jobs in the USA and in my area. The numbers showed that per capita, jobs had been dropping hard and steady from between 2001 and 2008. Beginning in mid 2009, the job market began to improve. Payscale followed a similar trend.It clearly showed that Obama’s policies made a positive difference. However, once the Tea Party came into power, those numbers once again began plummeting.

Sticking to FACT has been an overwhelming problem for the GOP since midway through Reagan’s first term. Statistics show that Reaganomic and GOP economical ideals are what began this country’s economic decline..

So a Republican campaign contribution collection site wants to know where the jobs are? I know that there were more of them when conservatives weren’t trying to sell the people on an economic farce. I know Obama was living up to most of his promises until THEY came in and started working to discredit him.

I return a similar, but more accurate, question back to you conservatives: WHY do you insist on destroying our jobs, and WHY do you blame it on the people who were improving the situation?

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