We be Wormin’

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The worms are HERE!!! All the little boys from the apartment complex (and my ‘tween daughter, who would die if she knew she was mentioned in a worm article) came over and “helped” put the worms in the compost bucket. We talked about how veggies rot and grow bacteria. How worms eat the bacteria and poop out fertilizer that helps plants grow, and makes more veggies. Our little urban based experiment has now officially begun.

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There are several reasons to vermicompost… other than just getting to play with worms! There is, of course, the ecological reasons, like putting less waste in our landfills, and all that rot (pun intended). On to the important reasons, like never having to buy chemical fertilizer again! The liquid in your under-bucket doubles as plant water and plant fertilizer. It is cheaper (and better quality) than any chemical fertilizer you could purchase. Your roses, tomatoes, potatoes, and even your geraniums will just love you forever! So will your perch fishing friends!

I have been researching vermicomposting for a long time, I have had a bucket of used, dried coffee grounds, re-wet with fish tank water for about a month now. We have added in strips of cardboard, vegetable trimmings, a rotten potato, and a few apple cores (OK, my son didn’t eat much of his apple, so it was much more than a core) and some pulverized egg shell. It makes for an interesting idea of some critter’s lunch.

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If you are still reading, then the idea probably appeals to you. The research tells me this is pretty easy. Feel free to join me at http://vermicomposters.ning.com/ to learn and experiment. Reality will verify or refute how easy it actually is… updates will occur.  

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