Letter to the President – Job Creation

Below is a copy of a letter submitted to the President (ok, actually submitted to some aid who has to read through all the junk people assume the President will read) through http://www.whitehouse.gov/.  Honestly, I expect nothing more than a form letter…   

The simple boost in popular opinion that filling a position such as I suggest would be immense. The insight from someone appropriate to the position suggested would be invaluable.

I both suggest, and submit myself for consideration for, an advisory position to be filled by someone who has been living the life that so many of the statistics charts and numbers represent.

This is a solution to two problems, a problem I see in the Administration, and a personal problem of my own. While the President is doing his best to improve the lives of the people of our great nation, it has been quite some time (and in some cases, has never been time) since the President and his advisers have had to personally operate as one of the people that these statistics represent. As many in the working world can attest, there is often a difference between what those who make policy decide and what works when hands meet tools. Good policies often come from policy makers who get input from workers before enacting changes. As someone who has been one of the workers of our country, as someone who has been in a position of need enough to qualify for government assistance, and as someone who is currently attempting to care for his family in a world where doing such has been difficult, I would appreciate the opportunity to provide the experience and expertise of one of “the people” to the President and his other advisers.

The President and his advisers would benefit greatly from seeing policy in 3D – a view currently not as clear as it would be if also seen from the eyes of a person in my position.

I recognize that this is a long shot, and that word space is limited, so I will hope my idea is taken seriously, and that I, as its suggester, will be given consideration. Please feel free to contact me to discuss either the idea of the suggested position, or my qualifications for such.

Thank you.

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