Steve Southerland, Florida GOP Congressman: $174,000 Salary ‘Not So Much’

Steve Southerland, Florida GOP Congressman: $174,000 Salary ‘Not So Much’.

Let me state for the record: any politician who thinks $174k is “not so much” really needs to spend a month trying to support themselves and their spouse on minimum wage wages (without foodstamps or any other assistance), without a vehicle, and make them walk 2 miles each way to some location, or not get paid for the 8 hours that day would have paid.

Then, the welfare equivalent: put them on welfare for about 2 months with 2 kids to take care of… no car, just welfare services. Now, simulate a crying baby with an ear infection and a $20 co-pay about half way through the second month.

Then, have them run through the first 2 scenarios without a spouse.

Not so much? How about this formula for what a politician should get paid? Pay them what the median working adult in their district gets paid. Not the average pay, but the pay of the median adult. For non-math nerds, that means you take everyone with a job, and line them up in a line, smallest paycheck to tallest paycheck. look at the paycheck of the guy in the middle, and pay politicians from that area THAT amount. (with this line of numbers – (1) (2) (4) (17) (150) – the (4) is the median number)

IF they want more money, they can do what their constituents do, and get a second job.

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  1. The US Constitution does state that members of Congress receive a stipend for their services. It does NOT state the amount or how the stipend is to be calculated and there is no mention of a government retirement program or tax payer paid health care. Good little post. And thanks for visiting The Zoo.

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