I exist here (ST: DS9)

I exist here”


It was a truth that Commander Sysco had revealed to him in the second episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. “Here” was the memories and emotions of an event three years before, part of which involved the death of his wife. As I see it, this is the perfect, simple explanation of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Sysco lived in the day to day world, but he existed in the memories of that event, that trauma that he just couldn’t move past. It affected (and effected) his day to day decisions and his interpersonal reactions.


He had attempted to explain how humans live in a timeline (the aliens didn’t have a concept of time), and by their understanding, since his thoughts and actions stemmed from and kept returning to that time frame, he did indeed exist there.


As a sufferer of PTSD, that idea is terrifying in its accurateness. In those times my mind can’t get past, I do indeed exist there. 

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