Our Liberally Biased Media

(Sarcasm alert: Warning!)

We constantly hear about how our media is biased. I believe it is. We are told about things like “Gay Rights”, and “People who are trying to ban prayer in school”, and “global warming”. The Media is all about making Gay people look like heros, and the military look evil. Sounds like the liberals control the media.

Or do they? We hear about terrorism all the time. The Middle East is full of terrorists just waiting to attack and kill people. We did hear just a touch about that guy in Norway, but he was just someone shooting at (Labour Party) communists, so we didn’t hear too much about that. Here’s the thing: If the media was a bunch of liberal rumormongers, the names Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen would have been plastered on every newsreel. Why? Because they are lesbians. But not just ANY lesbians. They are heros that saved ~40 lives in one night. So they are LESBIAN HEROS. The thing that a liberal biased media would love. If our media was such a liberal, gay loving machine, we would have heard about these ladies long ago. Oh, wait! They were rescuing Communist children who were swimming away from a Conservative Christian who was shooting at them. So they aren’t heros at all… They are just evil homosexuals making sure that communism will survive another generation.

Yes, our media is just overrun with liberals… Really. If you don’t believe me, just ask Beck. Or Robinson. Or Bachmann. Or whoever else you turn to do your thinking for you.

Reference: http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2011/07/26/Lesbian_Couple_Saves_40_from_Norwegian_Shooter/

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