Socialism is already here

Socialism was introduced to the USA a long time ago. It has interfered with business profits, and kept Corporate America from expanding for more than half the time we have been a country. Why did we let socialism interfere with capitalism? Because 12 year old factory workers complained about working 14 hour days, and getting paid wages that were enough to cover a loaf of bread. Because hard working laborers were stealing food for their family, so the wages that he, his pregnant wife, and 3 of his children could be combined together to keep a leaking roof over their heads. The USA adopted a touch of socialism, and laws were enacted that forced business owners to pay their employees enough to allow them to survive without resorting to illegal activities. Laws were passed to make sure that workers who were injured on the job were given appropriate medical care. What socialism is can be seen in the word social-ism. Social – society – looking out for the overall society. Like anything, socialism can be taken too far: for example, if everyone were expected to have equal possessions, regardless of effort put into getting them, then that, in my opinion would be going too far. He (or she) who works hardest should indeed have the nicest car, or biggest house, or shiniest shoes. Effort and accomplishment SHOULD account for much.

American Sweatshop in the late 1800's

This is where our reliance on the concept of capitalism becomes important. What capitalism is can be seen in its word as well. Capital – money, or wealth generating substance – accumulating substance through effort and accomplishment. Through capitalism, those who accomplish get rewarded, and can afford more niceties than those who do not accomplish. Effort is often rewarded by substance. Like anything, capitalism can be taken too far: for example, employers can increase their substance by using the efforts of others to build their business endeavors, but not rewarding the efforts of those workers what their efforts are worth. Effort and accomplishment should indeed be rewarded, but not at the expense of those who assist in that accomplishment.

To any reasoning mind, it quickly becomes obvious that neither capitalism nor socialism should stand on its own, if a society is to function. When left on its own, greed and ambition cause capitalism to eventually fail. Pure socialism can suffer a similar fate in the lack of ambition to excel and improve.

How does a society remedy this? There are two different ways.

First, business owners could step up to the plate, and provide workers with proper compensation for their work. Minimal compensation would have to include enough for food, medical care, safe housing and enough left over for amenities such as clothing, shampoo, and toilet paper for the workers entire family. If we wish to be known as a “first world” country, minimal compensation would also include funding for education, internet communication, and some minimal entertainment. Accommodation for supporting those injured on the job, or who work for the business until they are to old to work would also need to be considered minimal compensation. Workers who excel should, of course, be compensated even better.

The other way is for the government to make sure that these basics are met. The funding for providing these basics would have to come from taxes on the businesses who are not providing for the minimal needs. If government needs to become responsible for this, then government also has to look out for the well being (welfare) of those who, for whatever reason (such as injury, age, etc.), can’t work.

Businesses could step up to that plate now, but the extreme majority of them have not. Businesses of today care more for that “bottom dollar” than they do for their employees. Those running businesses forced the government into socialism.

We became the United States of America because our previous government backed the pure capitalism model, and allowed the East India Trading Company to operate without government censure. The forefathers of our country started the American Revolution based on the concept that individuals were more important than profit margins. When capitalism was allowed to go too far within our country, unions, strikes, and rioting workers caused our government to step in and regulate the greed inherent in pure capitalism that had caused us as US citizens to revolt against Britain and the East India Tea Company. If Presidential candidates like Bachmann have their way, we will once again be pushed to having to force our government to take action. It is happening right now on Wall Street. It happened a little earlier on the Seattle docks. If government does not balance our country on its own, the people will force it to do so again. It has already started.

We are in troubled times. The “Tea Party” is pushing the same agenda as the East India Tea Company. The Tea Party has stated that their goal is to pull the government out of business. Essentially, that means they wish to take our great country back to its most troubled time in history. The rational, the reasoning in our great country are beginning to realize this. The Seattle Dock strike, the people protesting on Wall Street – these are rational people recognizing how irrational our current situation really is, and reacting. They are putting themselves on the line to make a difference. They are being Americans. If our government doesn’t step up and balance this problem quickly, history tells us how this will end.

Tea Party = East India Trading Company

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