Early Draft Of No Child Left Behind Re-Write Reduces Federal Role In Education

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Several people commented that it isn’t fair for the wealthy to be taxed for public education. Claiming that the wealthy do not benefit from public education shows a fundamenta­l lack of understand­ing of how business truly works. Those who use public education, or private schools receiving federal grants or funding, as their primary source of education benefit from that education once (their own education)­. The wealthy benefit from government assisted education for each person that they hire who used government funded educationa­l programs. The result? The working person gets one benefit from public/gov­ernment funded education: The wealthy person benefits hundreds or even thousands of times.

Refusing to see that the wealthy depend on federal programs at a greater level than the poor does not change the fact that the USA is falling farther and farther behind the leaders of the industrial­ized world in matters of education. To keep its workforce trainable and able to do that which is necessary to produce the products and services necessary for our country to financiall­y survive,we need to not only to fund public education, but restructur­e education to allow for education at a globally competitiv­e rate.

It is time for the wealthy to pick their heads up out of the sands of greed and denial and start paying for the benefits they depend on the government to provide for them. Public education is only one example.

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