Occupy in history

This photo by David Shankbone is  licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. 
Democracy Talking has an article asking if the Occupy movement will make history. We as Americans have a history. Granted, it is a short one, but we do have a history to look back upon. We, as a people DO something. If we feel oppressed, we move somewhere where we can write our own rules. If we can't move, we (slowly) stand up and make our voice heard. If that doesn't work, then we toss tea into the sea, drop bricks off bridges, and start riots. Look at the American Revolution in response to corporate and government greed. Look at the rise of unions and workers rights organizers to better the sweatshops. Look at the Civil War, which started about northern corporate greed, and ended on racial social justice issues. Look at our pushes for equality, such as race and gender rights.

A few of these movements were resolved (Pilgrims, Western expansion) by moving. A few of these (certain social justice issues, union picketing) were resolved during the “stand up and speak” stage. Others(American Revolution, Civil War, union violence when picketing didn’t get a result, even the threat and beginning of reciprocal violence in the Civil Rights movement) went to the step of violence before the government stepped in and corrected the situation.

The Occupy movement may be remembered in history, if it is the last step before the government takes it upon itself to fix the issue. If the government waits until violence (already started – Seattle docks, certain police responses to the various Occupy movements) gains precedent, then Occupy will be a footnote to the violence. One way or the other, change will occur. 

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