Bob McDonnell’s Education Department Admits Obama’s Policies Saved Or Created 7,715 Teacher Jobs

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It amazes me how much a difference in perspective matters. It seems that the closer you are to a problem, the better you understand it. State level government deal much more closely with educational issues than federal level does. We have Republican state governors admitting that Obamas actions have had positive effect. Of course Perry is a good example of that change in perspective – as Governor of Texas, he requested a great deal of aid that was put in place by liberals – his state would not have been able to remain solvent without it. Now that his eyes are set higher, he condemns such programs.


I am not a great fan of Obama, but the ideas he has managed to push through have had positive effects, and the problems we still have often lead back to blocks to policies he suggested that look like they could have helped, if they had made it through.


I would consider any reasonable, self thinking candidate that could manage a campaign that answers questions without fear that someone would ask something that shows their mental compartmentalization of ideals. Right now, the only one in the ring that can keep his facts straight, (and I mean actual fact, not this corporate run, business leaning media twisting of half-truths flavored with out and out lies) is Obama. Until there is even one person throwing in their hat that can do that, then we need to support the man with the working plan.

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