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I participated in a conversation on a site that promotes drilling in the Gulf to solve our oil problems. My response to “we need to drill” starts below this paragraph. The sad thing is, that if oil companies took the money they intended to use to build new oil derricks and invested it in the ideas below, they would still be on the cutting edge of profit, while doing the USA and the global environment a good turn.

This is one solution [drilling in the Gulf]… The sad truth is that by the time the new drilling and processing could reach the market, we could go back to producing the fuels that the engines we use were designed to use before DuPont purchased legislation to make the more effective competitors of fossil illegal.

The “gasoline” engine was originally run and intended to run on alcohol (not limited to corn – we already could effectively produce alcohol from trash). With a few modifications, any gasoline engine could run on alcohol NOW. Manufacturers could easily (and without any more cost than the usual modifications) start putting engines already capable in new cars as soon as they change the engines over for the next model year. We could be running on cheaper, produced inside the USA, fuel in about as much time as new drilling could be rushed through.

When Rudolf Diesel introduced the diesel engine, his first words were “Vegetable Oil”. Current diesel engines can, and some do, run on filtered fast food oil. The modifications to make this the most effective fuel for new diesel engines could be made for new vehicles (and without any more cost than the usual modifications) as soon as the manufacturers make their model year modifications.

Then there is the other stuff like plastics, medicines, etc. that we make from fossil fuel. Before DuPont’s purchased legislation made hemp illegal(and by making hemp illegal, made researching with hemp illegal), research into the applications of the seed oil were already producing amazing results. The advances made with fossil oil could be slightly modified to produce very similar results from renewable oils.

The truth is that if the government were to step up and make these kinds of changes, then by the time new wells were drilled and producing, we could be close enough to oil free to not need more than the oil we already drill for and produce.

Another sad truth is that if the oil companies really wanted to, they could have set up large scale processors of fry oil and other oils to produce fuel for diesel engines, and they could have set up mass alcohol refineries, so that they could still be the primary producers of fuel in the USA. They could have cornered the market, simply with their ability to set up major production, which would make their product cheaper to produce than anyone else. Between their ability to set up mass production, and using the various fuel consumption reducing patents that the various oil companies have purchased and not put into use, oil companies could quickly revolutionize the energy market, and be so far ahead of any competition that their domination would continue. Sure, profits might not be quite as extravagant, but the overall economy would benefit so that their non-fuel petroleum products would have more demand…

Now, I know I am smart, but not so smart that their people that are paid to think of ways to keep business working couldn’t have seen this and worked it out. The final answer still ends up that corporations operate on greed. Nothing but greed. We need that “we the people” part of our history reinstated before this greed wipes out all that makes the USA great.

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