President and occupy

I am disappointed. I have looked at facts, I have done research, I have looked at timelines, I understand that the effects of momentum and inertia affect political and economic trends almost as much as they do things in the physical world, and I look for cause and effect relationships. Because I do research, and because I do not base my opinion only on what someone I was told to trust says, I have been mostly in support of President Obama and his policies. These policies have not been perfect, but they usually tend to guide our country in the direction that works for the overall country, at least when appropriate time was given to counter the momentum of the previous policies. Because of this, he has earned my support.


Due to the Tea Party takeover of the House of Representatives, his ability to get things done was hampered, and he had to start making compromises. This I understand to be the nature of the political beast. I do not like the policies that came after that, but I recognize his inability to have policy move through easily.


A combination of two things have left me disappointed. First, President Obama should have realized much sooner that the new idea was to block him no matter what, and so he should not have continued compromising. He should have strongly suggested to the public that elected these new Representatives to recall them, and any other Representatives who put the people in such risk. Second, he should have made a direct statement about the brutality that the police in certain cities have used to respond to the Occupy movement. Not only should he denounce the police violence, but he should have sent in the Federal Marshals to investigate, using the ample footage provided by the people there.

AND he should have attached himself to the movement, and used it’s power as the crutch he needed to stand back up to the idiots in office who want to make their puppet masters happy.


Just a quick (for me, anyway) rant about current politics. Pick me up on your way to the next protest… These middle aged knees just can’t walk that far anymore.

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