Wake Up Call

Too many people in the USA are growing up being taught to “accept what you are told.” Instead, they should be thinking and examining for themselves. Parents, pastors and political party leaders are all supposed to be infallible and we are taught to accept what they say as absolute truth and not to question or disagree, even with facts. Especially with facts! And this has turned us into “sheeple.” We have become cheap, easily manipulated tools of the powerful instead of innovative people as we once were.


Like the proverbial frog in the stewpot, we have been manipulated slowly so that we wouldn’t notice. In politics, we care more about sex scandals, magic underwear, and other trivial things, allowing them to overshadow the actual effects that unethical politicians have on this country. Even religion in this country has changed from focusing on the positive aspects of faith to the negative ones. Instead of focusing on a personal relationship with their deity of choice, Americans are more likely to attempt to control the rights and choices of others, even if they have a different set of beliefs. This has occurred over and over in history when powerful people seek to use religion as a control mechanism over the masses: the sheeple.

It is obvious to the non-sheeple that the elite in the USA are trying to regain the control they lost when technology and communication advanced and became available to so many more people. With technology and communication, the masses were able to see the true inequality that existed in this country, the removal of supposedly unalienable rights, and they started pushing back, taking back control like we did from the British Empire. And the elite cannot let that continue. That is why there have been such slow but drastic changes in both politics and religion. Men who advised President Ronald Reagan and Reagan himself are considered “liberal” by today’s standards. Liberal political commentators such as Bill Maher have said that the Democrat Party has moved to the center and the Republican Party has moved to the “looney bin.” The move is so great that even President Obama, the big bad, most radically liberal president we’ve supposedly ever had is attempting to enact policies that are similar to President Reagan’s policies near the end of his administration.People, we need to wake up.

We need to stand up. Already, the elite, through our news media picks what we see. They didn’t show the Canadian protests over college tuition until well after it was old internet news. There are many other examples. The media networks and government already control much of the information, and are trying to gain control of the rest. We can still stand up for our freedoms, stand up as people who have inherent rights, and work for improving this country for all of us. This country can not belong to an elite few…it must belong to the informed many!

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  1. Well said.
    one voice will make a noise however many voices united will be heard.

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