Obama’s Middle Class?

It wasn’t the middle class that elected Obama. It was the poverty stricken people who were wanting to get a hand up so they could get to where they could care for themselves. It was the college students who ended up unable to find jobs in their field, and had to go on welfare programs and work part time minimum wage jobs, while their student loans ruined their credit to the point that getting a “respectable job” in their field became a visibly retreating possibility. It was the women who needed publicly funded health care to make sure they could keep that part time job that made it possible to put clothes on her kids. It was minorities, especially those also affected by poverty conditions, watching this new tide of prejudice and hate rolling in from Conservative sources.

Yes, the middle class matters, and I am all for making their lives more financially stable. What President Obama needs to be concentrating on, however, is making sure the poverty stricken do not end up in the Dickens novel life that all the Republican candidates were suggesting putting them back in. He needs to be making sure the American dream extends to all Americans, and right now, the poverty stricken just can’t participate.

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