Prayer in School

YES!!!! School prayer. The Christians can have Mondays (The Catholics, Greek Orthodox and Protestants will have to alternate weeks), the Jewish traditions get to alternate Tuesdays, Pagan religions like Wicca, Astrau and others can alternate Wednesdays with their prayer rites, The various Muslim sects can alternate Thursdays, and the Atheists can have 5 minutes of scientific reading every other Friday. The other Fridays can be for any Hindu or other religions to alternate.

The reality is that all students and faculty can already pray whenever they feel the need to close their eyes and silently lift their thoughts to their God. The “prayer in school” issue is really not about prayer in school, it is about one religion forcing its religious practices on another. If you want prayer to be mandated, realize that that means that Christians will be forcing their faith on atheists and Pagans, which goes against the First Amendment. To understand this better, just imagine your children being forced to participate in a pagan prayer ritual, because that would be exactly what “prayer in school” was to them.

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