I have been fielding questions and arguments about what started out as whether or not the IRS should be abolished, but then moved quickly into why the impoverished do not pay their fair share of taxes. This is a slight editing of my answer.

Here is what we currently have

1. The poverty class, who are locked into a system that keeps them there, with the minimum wage jobs that are the only thing they can get not providing enough to survive, but enough to disqualify them from the government assistance that keeps their kids fed and housed. Other than a rare and unexpected opportunity, they are locked into government assistance without hope of betterment.

2. The working class (probably where you would be located), who work for hourly wages and salaries and are the producers, laborers, technicians and organizers that do whatever the business they are attached to does, including middle and often much of upper management. Also in this general class would be owners of small business. Those who do not make more than hundreds of thousands of dollars a year fall into this category.

3. I see an over class that profits from the various labors of the working class. These are the CEOs and investors.

Those in group 3 pay a much lower percentage than those in group two, because of the efforts of lobbyists paid for by members of group 3 to provide them with loopholes and tax breaks not really available to the majority of those in groups 1 and 2. This means that while group 3 may pay a bigger percentage of the overall government income, they are cheating to do so, and causing those in group 2 to pay more than they would otherwise. Group 3 is profiting at the expense of group 2.

Many, not all, but many, members of group 3 also pay lobbyists to pay legislators to keep minimum wage down so they can make more profit, causing a larger and larger population of group 1, and causing members of group 1 to have a harder and harder time becoming productive members of society. There are other laws that are lobbied for that keep group 1 down, but the general reason for these laws is to boost the income of group 3 at the cost of group 1.

Many middle income conservatives who look down on those who are poverty stricken may very well have earned each and every cent that they have, and they have a right to be upset about their unbalanced taxation rates. WHY do they not see WHERE it is unbalanced?

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