Wake Up Call

Too many people in the USA are growing up being taught to “accept what you are told.” Instead, they should be thinking and examining for themselves. Parents, pastors and political party leaders are all supposed to be infallible and we are taught to accept what they say as absolute truth and not to question or disagree, even with facts. Especially with facts! And this has turned us into “sheeple.” We have become cheap, easily manipulated tools of the powerful instead of innovative people as we once were.


Like the proverbial frog in the stewpot, we have been manipulated slowly so that we wouldn’t notice. In politics, we care more about sex scandals, magic underwear, and other trivial things, allowing them to overshadow the actual effects that unethical politicians have on this country. Even religion in this country has changed from focusing on the positive aspects of faith to the negative ones. Instead of focusing on a personal relationship with their deity of choice, Americans are more likely to attempt to control the rights and choices of others, even if they have a different set of beliefs. This has occurred over and over in history when powerful people seek to use religion as a control mechanism over the masses: the sheeple.

It is obvious to the non-sheeple that the elite in the USA are trying to regain the control they lost when technology and communication advanced and became available to so many more people. With technology and communication, the masses were able to see the true inequality that existed in this country, the removal of supposedly unalienable rights, and they started pushing back, taking back control like we did from the British Empire. And the elite cannot let that continue. That is why there have been such slow but drastic changes in both politics and religion. Men who advised President Ronald Reagan and Reagan himself are considered “liberal” by today’s standards. Liberal political commentators such as Bill Maher have said that the Democrat Party has moved to the center and the Republican Party has moved to the “looney bin.” The move is so great that even President Obama, the big bad, most radically liberal president we’ve supposedly ever had is attempting to enact policies that are similar to President Reagan’s policies near the end of his administration.People, we need to wake up.

We need to stand up. Already, the elite, through our news media picks what we see. They didn’t show the Canadian protests over college tuition until well after it was old internet news. There are many other examples. The media networks and government already control much of the information, and are trying to gain control of the rest. We can still stand up for our freedoms, stand up as people who have inherent rights, and work for improving this country for all of us. This country can not belong to an elite few…it must belong to the informed many!

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A post from a rather insightful woman.

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Early Draft Of No Child Left Behind Re-Write Reduces Federal Role In Education

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Several people commented that it isn’t fair for the wealthy to be taxed for public education. Claiming that the wealthy do not benefit from public education shows a fundamenta­l lack of understand­ing of how business truly works. Those who use public education, or private schools receiving federal grants or funding, as their primary source of education benefit from that education once (their own education)­. The wealthy benefit from government assisted education for each person that they hire who used government funded educationa­l programs. The result? The working person gets one benefit from public/gov­ernment funded education: The wealthy person benefits hundreds or even thousands of times.

Refusing to see that the wealthy depend on federal programs at a greater level than the poor does not change the fact that the USA is falling farther and farther behind the leaders of the industrial­ized world in matters of education. To keep its workforce trainable and able to do that which is necessary to produce the products and services necessary for our country to financiall­y survive,we need to not only to fund public education, but restructur­e education to allow for education at a globally competitiv­e rate.

It is time for the wealthy to pick their heads up out of the sands of greed and denial and start paying for the benefits they depend on the government to provide for them. Public education is only one example.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winners 2011: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkul Karman

I have argued that many previous “prizes for peace” have been badly chosen, due to the violent repercussi­ons of the recipients work. This is not one of those times. These women truely deserve their accolades.
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Why Republican?

Statistics and basic math show that most Republicans are not rich. The Republican economic agenda is designed to look out for big business interests and the interests of the financially well endowed, and ignores the needs and rights of the less fortunate. The question is why would these less fortunate Republicans vote against their interests? In their mind, voting Republican is in their best interests…

A small number vote Republican because they aspire to BE the rich (which is more difficult when Republican policy is in action), and they are thinking with the same greed as the rich. They are looking out to their supposed future interests.

A small number because they believe that by eliminating the public welfare programs, they would have less taxes, and therefore more money. Since the politicians trying to cut welfare programs are also trying to cut the protections that protect the working class from wage cuts, this logic is faulty at best. Their logic may be faulty, but because they are not looking at the whole picture, they see this as “in their best interests”.

A large number believe in a “superior race/gender/etc” concept, and the greedy rich have reached out to these groups that value some superiority concept above financial security. Those with this superiority complex feel it is in their best interests to give their political power to the causes of the rich, so that the rich will, in turn, fund the lobbyists and pay the bribes that allow their particular brand of superiority to be pushed forward. This is why there are Republicans saying things like “all racial/gender discrimination laws do is unbalance the workforce by putting minorities in positions they don’t deserve at the expense of whites/men that deserve it, just to satisfy some arbitrary quota”. They are so obsessed with their superiority cause that they can’t concentrate long enough to see what other legislation happens because that legislator is in place. In their eyes, it isn’t hate, and it isn’t stupid. Protecting the sanctity of their superiority is more “in their best interests” than anything else these legislators might happen to vote for. Their hate makes them blind.

Religious superiority matters because it is the widest spread superiority complex. It presents itself with its own twist. The Religious Right have an added issue of believing that God will save them from all harm if they follow the morality code, which involves forcing their code on everyone. The powerful have known for centuries that controlling the direction of religion controls the will of the people. Having grown up IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist), and attended Southern Baptist, I witnessed these people being taught that they are following the direct Word of God. The reality of the situation is that they are taught what each piece is supposed to mean, instead of actually reading it for an understanding of what it actually says. This training is so deep that even when they DO read it, their mind automatically reverts to the taught meaning. These traditions, even among Protestant denominations (or non-denominations) have been passed down since before the average person could read. The rich and powerful had control over who could read, so they had control over who was deciding what “this means”. These controlled-by-the-rich churches make up the religious right. This is why anti-gay rights rhetoric is such a big part of the Republican platform. It makes sure that it is “in the best interest” of these “religious right” to vote Republican. God will bless the Country with prosperity if we can get rid of the *****. ***** can be anything from Muslims to gays to Catholics, and for Christian Identity churches, it can include getting rid of inferior races as well.

To sum it quickly, Republicans are either greedy, unrealistically fearful, or caught up in the drama and misinformation presented by the greedy and fearful.

Republican tactic = lies and scare tactics. Religious people buy the lies when they are terrified of hell… Racist people buy the lies when they are afraid of (insert any racial slur here).

This Republican method of bettering special groups at the cost of others is un-American. It is the exact opposite of “freedom”. They either don’t care about freedom because of their greed or hate, or are too scared to see that freedom is being lost.

Arguing with them will not change them. The greedy don’t care about the damage caused to those lesser than themselves, and the racists wouldn’t be racist if logic and discerning truth were part of their mental arsenal. The religious right think you are sent from Satan to corrupt them if YOU don’t already think they way they do, so anything you say is sinful and against God. The rest are too panicked to actually hear the words coming out of your mouth.

Once one understands WHY they think the way they do, it becomes obvious that the only way to protect ourselves from them it to get out and make sure each and every person who can understand what is at stake is registered, and has a ride to the voting booth.

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RaisingRed.com asks Obama some questions

There is a website called RaisingRed.com. Their Facebook page has the video embedded below, and there are a few statements that need to be addressed.

Since he has been here, he has played golf 17 times (0:37)

he attended 33 fundraisers (0:42)

He spent only about 3 hours total on the debt crisis (0:45)

Where are the jobs? (0:48)

Since he has been here, he has played golf 17 times (0:37)

he attended 33 fundraisers (0:42)

Seriously people? There are a few things big business and politics have in common. Part of getting the job done is spending time with other decision makers. Often, this time is better spent a hundred feet or so from other ears (like on a golf course). Sometimes, you have to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk, so you “run into them” somewhere (like at a fundraiser). Republican candidates have played golf and attended fundraisers and benefits during times of stress. Videos weren’t made to call them slackers. Hypocrites!

He spent only about 3 hours total on the debt crisis (0:45)

Yes. You have a direct line to his schedule, you know the contents of every phone call, you eavesdropped on his conversations on the golf course, and you followed him around at each and every fundraiser he attended. You documented each and every place he sent one of his aids, AND you bugged his toilet, just so you could say with authority how much time he spent on the debt crisis. That MAY be the amount of time he spent in front of news cameras being interviewed about it, but I suspect if someone were to bother doing the legwork, even THAT would add up to more than 3 hours.

Where are the jobs? (0:48)

In mid 2010, I went to a county run unemployment designed for people who needed retraining because there just weren’t jobs in their areas of expertise. Part of what they did was show us the raw numbers for jobs in the USA and in my area. The numbers showed that per capita, jobs had been dropping hard and steady from between 2001 and 2008. Beginning in mid 2009, the job market began to improve. Payscale followed a similar trend.It clearly showed that Obama’s policies made a positive difference. However, once the Tea Party came into power, those numbers once again began plummeting.

Sticking to FACT has been an overwhelming problem for the GOP since midway through Reagan’s first term. Statistics show that Reaganomic and GOP economical ideals are what began this country’s economic decline..

So a Republican campaign contribution collection site wants to know where the jobs are? I know that there were more of them when conservatives weren’t trying to sell the people on an economic farce. I know Obama was living up to most of his promises until THEY came in and started working to discredit him.

I return a similar, but more accurate, question back to you conservatives: WHY do you insist on destroying our jobs, and WHY do you blame it on the people who were improving the situation?

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