Oregon State Song

My son brought home a copy of Oregon’s state song. I am not 100% sure I am interpreting it correctly, so let me get some feedback here. To me, it sounds like the song is glorifying the killing off of the native people… I am a bit dismayed at this. Here are the lyrics:

Oregon, My Oregon


Land of the Empire Builders,

Land of the Golden West;

Conquered and held by free men,

Fairest and the best.


Onward and upward ever,

Forward on, and on;

Hail to thee, Land of Heroes,

My Oregon.


Land of the rose and sunshine,

Land of the summer’s breeze;

Laden with health and vigor,

Fresh from the Western seas.


Blest by the blood of martyrs,

Land of the setting sun.;

Hail to thee, Land of Promise,

My Oregon.

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