Pro-Life vs. the Christian Bible

Just a thought: Most of the people who are part of the Pro-Life movement believe in the inherent truth of the Christian Bible as it is written. Followers of the Christian Bible as it is written could never be part of the Pro-Life movement for a few reasons.

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Most argue that life starts at conception. The Bible makes reference to when life has value in four areas: First, in Genesis, life began with the “breath” breathed into Adam, not his formation; second in Leviticus 27, when being dedicated to the Lord, only babies who were over a month old were given a “value”; third, in Exodus 21:22-23, the damage a man is paid if his wife is hurt does not include the unborn child; and in Numbers 3:15-16, the Lord God had Moses perform a census that only counted those who were a month old or older. When the research is done, it becomes clear that according to the Bible, life begins with breath, and has value only after the first month. To follow the teachings of the Bible these people could not use the “conception” argument.


In Numbers 5:21-28, the Christian Bible not only orders abortions to be given for social stigma reasons (the possibility of female unfaithfulness), but has them administered by His priests. This means that according to the Bible, any pregnancy that is not the product of the man married to that woman is allowed by God to be aborted.

How dare they challenge their own God?

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